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" Ikebana in English" Hiroshima Class

「英語でいけばな」 クラス

<クラスの花々  Flowers in the  class>

Coming Thursday class days in Hiroshima

<NHK 文化センター広島 稽古日>
毎月第2日曜日 13-15 (英語クラス)

Please contact Suzuki at for the information about the class.

Recent photos are shown here.


Time schedule has changed!!
13:30-20:00 three Thursdays every month
A presentation 'the plant of the month' is given at 10:30-11:00 on the first Thursday every month

13:00-20:00  月3回
13:00-13:30 月初稽古日  プレゼンテーション「今月の植物」があります

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All the materials in this arrangement are from the arranger's yard.

 Since ikebana is common here in Japan, most materials are easily provided by florists.
However, growing plants and using them to decorate our own rooms is a wonderful pleasure.




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A guest from France 

A Thai lady brought her French friend.  The atmosphere in the class got Europeanized with French, German and English languages.   I am glad that he was impressed with the beauty of ikebana.  He said he might start doing ikebana in Paris:)


タイ人の生徒さんがフランス人の友達を連れていらっしゃいました。フランス語、ドイツ語、英語といった言語に、クラスは急にヨーロッパ化しました。 彼はいけばなの美に感動したとのことで、パリに帰ったらいけばな始めようかなとのこと。(*^_^*) 嬉しいです。


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Class ladies sometimes appear in the similar clothing as if they have arranged ahead of the day.

 I secretly name such a day, and I call this day 'Pink fairy day' (^_-)





Gee..  This photo is from the following week. Bluish-clothing Day:)





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When I aim a camera at them, they make a pose.  I love such happy girls!




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Happy surprise!  A former student dropped in the class with her baby who is now already one and half.

Unfortunately though, we learned that she would go back to Germany soon. 




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We got a wonderful visit of a former student from Australia!  

Lady J moved to Germany right after they went back to Australia from Hiroshima in 2010.

 They came back to Australia after three years life in Germany, on two days before this trip to Hiroshima!

She said all ikebana containers are still in boxes. Natural...





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「私たちが花で〜〜す」「WE are flowers!」




She often brings flowers from her garden. Her mother grows many plants for her works, she says and smiles.

She is now holding her own class in Hiroshima, which I am proud of.






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「私たちが花で〜〜す」「WE are flowers!」








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One day, I received an e-mail saying simply that she would join the class on April 4th.

I had no idea about how she knew me, where she lived and who she was.  Then a beautiful lady appeared on time.

We learned she was from London and had been traveling in Japan for three weeks. 

She was also able to join our cherry blossom admiring picnic we had planned before the lesson on that day.

Thanks to the Internet, all of us had a wonderful day.  A safe trip back to England!






インターネット様々の時代になりました。 ご無事に帰国なさってくださいね。

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This day turned out to be a purple-color day.  These ladies came in similar color clothes. 

On that day, I happened to take a new purple bag to the class.  Thus, it added to their color coordination. 


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She enjoys ikebana lessons while raising two boys.  Great mother!  Congratulations(~_~ ) 




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フフ・・ 仲良し!  We are close friends!



We found that all of us coincidentally wore the top with black stripe!



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Wishing you the happy and healthy year 2013!




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「私たちが花で〜〜す」「WE are flowers!」






Three young girls from Hiroshima Jyogakuin university attended. The class was with cheerful atmosphere.

Each of them did a good work!




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We had a wonderful baby guest.  She has grown up this much! 


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April 2012



She lives in Shanghai now and visited us during the spring vacation.

As you see, she has not lost the sense of ikebana at all. 



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We had a guest from Victoria, Canada.

カナダ ヴィクトリアから一日レッスンのお客様がみえました。


You can see how much we enjoyed the lesson!



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Congratulations! She was awarded a prize from the headmaster for her excellent arrangements during the year of 2011.





She got two awards for her excellent arrangements and for full ten-year attendance to the study meeting. 




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They visited Hiroshima  for sightseeing from Hong Kong!  Could you believe that this is her first Ikebana arrangement?

We heard that the day was her birthday, and we sang a birthday song for her. 




Merry girls lined up for a picture taken!


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We often have guests from various countries. She is all the way from Italy! 

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<The ikebana class in Hiroshima >

Class Hours: 11:00-20:00

Please come at any time and stay as long as you like during the class hours. The lesson is given individually.

A presentation on Japanese culture or on the season is given at the first lesson every month from 13:00.

Anyone is welcome to come even only to listen to the talk.  Free 

Lesson Fee: 5000 yen for a month (3 or 4 lessons a month)

2000 yen for a lesson if paid lesson by lesson

For further information: contact at




月3回 木曜日11時~20時


毎月第一回目10時半から 日本文化や季節の話をします。

レッスン料:月5000円   レッスンごとに支払う場合:1レッスン 2000円

詳細は電話082-221-3515  または


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He is a surgeon and will go back to Thailand soon.

No wonder, he is very good at using scissors! 


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Hello!  The class resumed in September.


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She visited Hiroshima on vacation with her family.

She hasn't changed at all since she left Japan eight years ago, though her daughter has grown up beautifully this much.


Sad to say but the time has come. She will leave Hiroshima and go back to Argentine.

Best wishes to her and her family!


She sent me photos of her arrangement from Argentine two weeks later.

Please see the exhibition page : Click here!



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~Youngest students~

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All activities done out of the class are shown here at 'eiko's activities' page

<A report from the International Congress of Aesthetics held at the Beijing University>

<A report from the lesson on a cruise ship from America>

<A report from the exhibition held in Melbourne in Australia>

<A report from Hong Kong Workshop>

<A report from the NHK studio>

<A report from the Foreign Correspondent's Club Japan >


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Do you remember her?  She left Hiroshima and moved to Paris last year. 

She visited Hiroshima for a few days in October.  Her only daughter has grown up beautifully!

She is a professional designer and has a very good sense on ikebana as well. 

She made this arrangement when she was in my class. Since this photo is so nice I keep holding it in this page. 


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Some students started their own blog pages.

You will see many photos of the arrangements there.



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< 千客万来:many visitors from various countries >

The new school year starts in April in Japan. The class had many visitors in and out.


Do you remember the lady in the center?   She left Hiroshima one and half a year ago.

She visited Japan and China this time. She came by to see us despite her tight schedule in Hiroshima.



We were very happy to see her gorgeous smile again here in Hiroshima.

This is her first visit in five years. She joined us in congratulating our youngest student on her obtaining the first certificate.



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We had guests from Holland, Australia and Hawaii this day.

I am always glad to see my students bring their guests to the class and demonstrate their talent for ikebana to their guests. 



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A student brought two French guests, a college student and his mother.

He studies Japanese literature in Tokyo now.

He spoke beautiful Japanese and I learned that he had started learning Japanese in France.

I asked him why he had chosen Japanese language among various languages. He said

that he had been fascinated by the world of Yasujiro Ozu, the movie director in 1940-50th.

  I wonder how many Japanese youths know the name of Ozu, much less Ozu's world.

I was highly impressed by the fact that the Japanese sensibility found in the Ozu's movies attracted

this bright French young man to the extent of bringing him to Japan !


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Do you remember these ladies?

They were in my class some 20 years ago.  The Ohara ladies in Melbourne held an exhibition in March 2009.

I visited them with some ladies from Hiroshima to support the exhibition.

I met many friends from good old days as well as those who recently went back to Australia.

More reports from the trip is seen here.


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Gee, they appeared like twins in the same color on one early winter day.  What a happy coincidence!    



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Mother & Daughter




friendship / mother & daughters


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<Signboard for the qualified instructor>



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We were very glad that she came back to the class on one Thursday in November. We were thrilled to hear that she already found an ikebana class in New York.



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Please send me e-mail at for taking lessons.


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<クラスご案内   Class Rules>



月3回 木曜日 11-20時。 月謝5000円


毎月第1回目レッスン前 10時半から 日本文化 or 季節のプレゼンテーションをしています。


広島市中心部、三越デパートから100メートル北。小畑百花園(広島市中区幟町12-16 TEL082-221-3515)2Fにて








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鈴木 榮子


730-0016 広島市中区幟町12-16-202 小畑カルチャースクール

Tel:082-221-3515 (小畑)

 page end


Ph.D. of Aesthetics    Eiko Suzuki

First Degree Master instructor, the Ohara School of Ikebana